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Plakias property for sale (04.4.2016)

The particular characteristics of the southern Rethymno, the endless beautiful beaches overlooking the Libyan Sea, the unique beauty of natural scenery and organized activities developed in the region such as climbing diving and horse riding, 



combined with the mild climate and friendly and hospitable people make the southern region of the county an idyllic, popular destination for tourism and real estate.

Visitors of all age students, couples, families and retirees have developed into fanatical admirers of the imposing landscape and repeat for years to stay on the south coast of the prefecture. The areas of the of Agios Vasilios Municipality such as Plakias, Sellia and Myrthios, in contrast to the city they attracting a significant number of visitors both in May and the two months of October - November, just because of climate diversity.

Find your property for sale in Plakias a region blessed by nature.

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