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Crete project managing and property agent services (30.03.16)

The following list is a full list of our services in the case that you decide to use us for managing your house project in Crete.


1. All the communication with the Constructor concerning the house design, building costs, contracts, legal documents required etc.

2. Supply of detailed architectural plans (floor plans, elevations, electrical and plumping installation etc).

3. The preparation of all documents to be signed (Initial Private Agreements, building contracts, various contract amendments etc).

4. The following up for the issuing of the Building Permits.

5. Updating the clients during the building construction process, with building reports and relevant photos on the following building stages:

o Excavations.

o Concrete frames

o Brick works, commencement of electrical and plumping installations.

o Plaster works.

o Tilling

o Doors, windows, carpentry woks & painting.

o House completed

6. Arranging all banking details (Bank authorizations, pink slips, etc) of the Client’s fund transfer and the payments to towards the Constructor (receipts etc).

7. Help and advice on available materials (tiles, accessories, bathrooms fittings etc). A visit with the Client to the Supplier in Rethymno should take place in due course.

8. Supervising and informing the results to the Client of all requested procedures, for transferring and connecting the residential electricity, the water and the telephone supplies.

9. The same as the above, about the procedures for payments to IKA (Greek Social Security), the VAT and the property insurance’s, during the construction.

10. Informing the Client about the progress for issuing the EOT permission.

11. Supervising the accountant and reporting to the Client of all requested tax procedures (Tax declaration etc) during the house construction.

12. In general, to advise and report to the Client about the full respect & application of all agreements between the Client and the Constructor.


In case of any questions please come in contact with us


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