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Easter in Crete (25.04.2016)

Easter is thought to be one of the most important holidays included in the Greek calendar. Honoring not only the crucifixion and resurrection of the Christ, Easter is considered that marks the transition from winter to spring.


The celebrations last a whole week - the aptly titled The Holy Week - the Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday are public holidays.

In Greece, for Easter period, is followed a modified Julian calendar relative to the Gregorian calendar which is used by the rest of the world. This puts the Easter holidays at a different time, often up to a month later than in the western world. This time the Greek Easter is on the 1st of May.

In general the dates of Orthodox Easter are ranging from 4th of April to 8th of May. One of the best times to visit the island and live near the customs and traditions, combined with the wonderful feeling of Crete in spring!

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