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Reasons to invest in Crete Real Estate

In the following paragraph we give you 10 Reasons to Invest in Crete Real Estate. Of course someone coud have more reasons to do that!



1. Crete is located in a key strategic position in Southeastern Europe.

2. It is a beautiful and attractive place to live and work as it offers visitors, as well as locals, unique life experiences.

3. It has highly trained, hard working and multilingual labor.

4. Investments and entrepreneurship is linked and aided with scientific research and technological development with the support of the local academic and research institutions.

5. It offers a plethora of advanced business services to investors (banking, financial, legal, accounting, technical, advisory etc).

6. A pioneer in modern telecommunications infrastructure, very important social infrastructure, such as those in health care, and continuously improving basic and transport infrastructure.

7. It is regarded as an internationally prominent, attractive and strongly competitive tourism and cultural destination.

8. Home of one of the most famous diets in the world, the Cretan gastronomy offers a great advantage for investments in agricultural and Food & Beverage

9. It is a center of international interest in the energy sector, given its strategic location, the huge wind and solar resources, as well as possession of local experience and expertise. This interest is expected to grow and expand in the coming years

10. The consistent and unwavering support of the local Authorities of the Region of Crete, as well as the hospitable and business ‐ friendly people of the island.

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