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Managing Your Properties in Greece (18.07.2017)

Both Greece and the United States are beautiful countries, which is why many people decide to buy and maintain a property in both areas of the world at the same time. If this is something that you would like to do, you’ll need a way to manage those properties when you aren’t there. It’s not impossible to do, but you’ll want to know a good property manager to help you accomplish this goal more effectively.

You should also consider hiring a contractor to handle your repairs and remodeling tasks to help you stay on top of everything when you aren’t there. Whether you make a move to Greece or just plan to stay for a while during the year, managing property outside of your current country requires relying on professionals to do the work for you, so keep that in mind before you get started.


Get a Reliable Caretaker


Start off by finding a good solid caretaker to keep an eye on your property when you are not there. This person should be able to do things like maintain the yard, keep up on regular repairs, check up to make sure your property is functioning properly and keep you updated about the condition. A good caretaker can also take steps to make your property ready for you so that you can enjoy it when you arrive.

Check them Regularly


When you own property in multiple countries it’s a good idea to visit them several times a year. This helps you enjoy the property more and lets you see what sort of condition they are in as well. Plan trips to visit each location so that you can enjoy them as much as possible and make the most of the space.

Consider a Rent Manager


An excellent way to make the most of your property when you aren’t there is to rent it out to someone else over a short-term period. A rent manager makes this easier. This person can handle finding the tenants and collecting rent from them to live there. You’ll have some money coming in for your property and will be able to enjoy it throughout the year with less expenses to worry about.

Hire a Contractor for Remodeling and Repair


Finally, you should find a good quality contractor that you can hire for remodeling and repair tasks throughout the year. Whether you need new appliances installed, a new deck out back, a swimming pool put in or anything else taken care of, a good contractor can help you with the serious tasks.

Maintaining property in places likethe beautiful island Crete in the Greek archipelago or even a home in the busy city of Los Angeles in the United States takes time and proper planning, but it’s possible to do so without too much issue. Just keep in mind the different challenges and make sure that you are staying on top of all the tasks so that your property stays in good shape. Don’t be afraid to use property managers to help you stay on top of those tasks as well. Sure, they cost some money, but you won’t’ have maintenance tasks to worry about any longer, and they can help rent out the space if you want it available for rent for part of the year. It makes a lot of sense to many people. 

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