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Property in Crete (23.5.2016)

Crete is known as the ‘’sunshine state’’ and if you are looking for a property on this popular island we can give you some ideas.


With its mild climate, year round sunshine, azure seas and warm hospitality, Crete is one of the most appealing areas of Greece for holidaymakers. In case you decide to combine your holidays with property hunting you will need to be very well prepared before you come.

Try to come in contact before you come with a Crete property agent that will keep you up to date with news and properties from Crete. In this way you will have time to think and decide only for the properties you wish to see and not spend your time looking around houses and land that you will never have an interest.

What we offer our clients is a very personal service based on their requirements but at the same time we give some suggestions about less popular areas in Crete but very peaceful for those who prefer to live somewhere quieter.

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